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I’ve been absolutely loving this Summer heatwave in the UK these past couple of months and I personally hope it never stops!  Taking full advantage of the heat, I’ve actually visited 3 beaches so far this summer, which is definitely a personal record for me.

The biggest challenge I face when I go to beaches, especially those with fairground rides, is that I have to resign myself to the fact that my camera has better eyesight than I do (…bear with me on this.)

Sometimes if I want to admire things in the distance, I have to use my camera to zoom in to get a better look (I can’t be the only one who does this?)  And it’s even worse when I’m going on fairground rides and I can’t really see what’s going on and can’t fully enjoy myself as it’s all one big blur.

Through inconvenience and slight vanity (but mostly vanity), I choose not to wear glasses.

So last week, we ventured down to Bournemouth seafront to visit my fiance’s sister for her son’s first birthday party.  I was totally mesmerised by all the bright colours of the seaside fairground rides and was seriously so grateful that I was able to absorb it all (at least visually) thanks to my new Focus Dailies contact lenses.

My only previous experience with contacts were Korean circle lenses which I can say are not the most comfortable.  Plus, they were yearly contacts.  Can you imagine how I managed to re-use the same contacts over and over for a year?!  As you probably already know, I’m a bit of a germophobe and I’m so glad I have found these Focus Dailies contactsp that you can dispose of after each single daily use.

The Focus Dailies are so comfortable, I literally didn’t even remember they were there.  And I can safely say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself without needing to worry about any glasses falling off my face when going on the rides!

In case you were wondering, I got my Focus Dailies from Vision Direct which offers next day delivery (hands up my last minute peeps!)  I’m a sucker for great deals and bargains and not only do Vision Direct offer better value than high street opticians, they also carry the same brands as high street opticians.  You can even order using SMS text.  (What a wonderful world we live in now.)  Why would we ever need to leave our house again?!

How are you taking advantage of this heatwave to enjoy yourself to the max?  Comment below, I’d love to know!

This post is in collaboration with Vision Direct.  All views expressed here are my own honest opinions.


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