Earlier this month, I attended BlogCon in London for the first time and I had no idea what to expect!  I asked a few of my blogger friends if they had been before and the general response was that it was ok but they didn’t think they would go again.  I asked a friend to come with me (no one likes attending events on their own! – or is that just me?!)  I decided I really did want to go as I was extremely curious what it was all about.

I left it til the last minute.  The night before, I realised that tickets would be taken off sale in a few hours, so I rushed to book mine.  I texted my friend to ask if I should book her ticket too and she ended up telling me she wasn’t feeling well at all.  I sat there with a sinking feeling inside me.  On one hand, I could cancel the whole thing but my curiosity wouldn’t allow that.  On the other hand, I could attend alone and it might be really awkward walking around on my own and feeling silly all day.

In the end, I decided to suck it up, book it and go alone!

The venue was quite out of the way.  I had to get a train (30 min), tube (60 min) and then a bus (20 min) meaning getting up super early to curl my hair and do my makeup…

I arrived and saw a couple of other girls on the bus walking towards the venue.  I said hi and asked if they were going to BlogCon to which they both enthusiastically replied yes and then proceeded to compliment my dress.  Turns out, they were exhibitors at the event.  For some extremely odd reason, I thought the event started at 12:00 noon so I was there at 11:50am, super keen and eager (lol).  Turns out, the event didn’t start until 1:00pm!  The horror!

So I ended up walking with them all the way to their stall and standing around awkwardly while I mentally planned out what I was going to do for an hour.

The girls started to get busy with setting up their stall so I said “I’ll leave you to it then! Lovely to meet you!” and walked off (dying inside from the awkwardness of now being on my own).

I decided to visit the bathroom since I had about an hour to kill.  I took my sweet time touching up my makeup and taking bathroom selfies (of course!)

I came back outside and was told that the event had not started yet so please wait in the lobby (haha I had somehow sashayed into the event without a ticket).  I started to get my phone out ready (so as not to stand around looking awkward) and walked towards the lobby.  There were two other girls sat on the sofas so I sat down opposite them.  Immediately we started talking about BlogCon, introduced ourselves and followed each other on Instagram.  Turns out, Anne was a BlogCon veteran, having been for the past 5 years straight.

We ended up chatting for a good 30 minutes before we were allowed entry to the event.  I was so surprised at how friendly and easy it was to talk to these two girls.  I ended up spending the whole day with them, looking around BlogCon, attending the blogger workshops with them and even going out for a girly dinner on the Thames in the evening!

At BlogCon, there were a large variety of different brands exhibiting, from electronics, to fashion and beauty to food and personal care.  I loved meeting some of the smaller indie brands that I hadn’t heard of before and learning about what they do, as well as chatting with the bigger sponsors there too.  It was so heartwarming to learn how so many brands these days are conscious of their carbon footprint, using organic materials and helping out local charities and causes.

Overall, I would recommend BlogCon to anyone who has not been before.  I plan to go again to the next one!


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