Last Friday, I found some time to visit the newly-opened Feya Cafe near Bond Street in London, and it did not disappoint!  We arrived punctually at 9:00am when it opened and were surprised to find that the entire cafe was free of any other customers.

Every part of this cafe has been designed and created with the modern-day Instagrammer in mind.  From the marble tables, to the rose gold accents, fresh flowers and of course, the much-loved millennial pink velvet seats.  If you’re an Instagrammer, this place is a must-visit ASAP before everyone finds out about them and they get packed and busy!

I went to order the lavender lemonade and my partner chose a hot chocolate.  We wanted to order the Rose Avo Toast (gluten-free toast with beet hummus, avocado rose and sprout) and the Pastel Rainbow Smoothie (two coloured smoothie bowl with pineapple, banana, spirulina and pittaya and coconut milk, topped with granola, banana and mango flowers – what a mouthful! But does this sound delicious or what!).  Both sounded absolutely amazing and since we’d just travelled in from Surrey without having had breakfast, we were starving!

Turns out, their chef who normally prepares the food was stuck on the underground and hadn’t made it into work yet…  We were disappointed to say the least.  I thought we’ll just order our drinks for now and wait to see if the chef will arrive soon.  While we were waiting for our drinks, we started to take some photos and the waitress came over to us to apologise, saying that she’d like to offer us any two cakes we wanted free of charge!  We very gratefully settled on the very pretty raspberry macaron cake and the coffee and walnut cupcake.  (What a lovely surprise!)

I’d had lavender-flavoured ice cream before somewhere else, which was delicious and I thought lavender-infused lemonade sounded interesting.  But turns out the lavender is quite bitter and strong.  The cakes and hot chocolate were lovely though.  This cafe is cosy, classy and has a beautiful atmosphere – I’d say it would be most perfect for a date with one of your girl friends.

Overall, I would recommend this place for the beautiful decor and incredible service.  I visited at 9:00am on a Friday morning and it was empty.  But since it is still quite new, I don’t reckon many people know about it yet.  As it gains popularity, I wouldn’t be surprised if they become as busy as Elan Cafe on the weekends (I recently arrived at Elan’s at 8:30am on a Saturday and it was already 3/4 full of people!).

Let me know if you’ll be visiting this place and what you think of the photos!

A huge white blossom tree extends across the ceiling of the back of the cafe, accentuated by flitting gold paper butterflies.

The cafe really is a sight to behold and if you came early enough, you could even come and enjoy your morning breakfast and coffee with a calm and peaceful start to the day.


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