Jojo Hua has a rapidly growing audience of over 30,000 followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you would like to work with together, please email me at – I am always looking for new opportunities and would love to hear details of your campaign.

To see my Media Kit or Rate Card, please also email me and I will be happy to send these over.


I am always open to new ideas, but here are a few examples of some of the things I’m particularly looking for:

  • Relevant briefs that fit within my blog and style
  • Travel collaborations and press trips
  • Fashion and beauty campaigns
  • Workshop hosting and public speaking


Please see my about page for more details on what I cover in this blog.

Please send any physical and PR mail to:

Jojo Hua
PO BOX 634
KT17 9LJ


Some brands I have previously worked with: Disney UK, Bokksu, Vision Direct, NA-KD, Klasse14, Joana Fulana, Lotus Leggings, MiLi, Skinsider, Love Your Melon.



  1. 27th October 2018 / 7:53 am

    Hello my name is oneaka Handy. I ran across your pic at this nail salon 💅 omg beautiful. I’m a fashion designer upcoming and a artist as well. And also manage artist. I love to have a conversation with u. I love everything y’all doing. I said let me at least try to reach out to them. I have a website that I’m working on for my clothes they are gorgeous like no other they Versace that huge he was my big idol that huge to be recognized like him.

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