Jojo started her own online business LoveJojo, selling Japanese toys and gifts during her final year of university.  Being a first-time entrepreneur, she had to learn things the hard way.  Always being the stubborn rebel child, she would go after anything fiercely if she passionately felt it was true for her.

Her parents always wanted the best for her and saw that she wasn’t making enough income from this online business.  She lost the support of her family to continue with her failing online business.  She contemplated giving up and pursuing a traditional day job many times before realising that this was not who she was or wanted to be.  She was a strong girl who would go after something if she knew it was true for her.  She did not want to be the girl who gave up.

She decided enough was enough and started marketing her business as fully as possible on social media.  Researching and implementing different methods and strategies, she found that Instagram was increasing traffic and sales to her online webstore.  Seeing the immediate results within the platform, she spent the next 12 months deep-dive researching and implementing different strategies to maximize Instagram’s potential for her.

Now, she has grown her Instagram following to over 100,000 (@LoveJojo), 70% of her total website sales come from Instagram and her online sales have increased to the point that she is able to hire help.  Today, her parents have seen the amazing results she has achieved and are fully supportive of her passion to pursue her dreams.

Jojo has seen first-hand the hardships of starting a business and having no one there for support.  She strongly believes that nobody should be forced to give up on their dreams, passions and business for lack of sales.  She believes in sharing her knowledge about Instagram to show business owners just how easy it is to bring a business back from the brink and help them to thrive.

Things that fascinate Jojo

  • Astronomy
  • Serial killer psychology
  • Detective movies/novels
  • The art of stage magic
  • Building your own businesses
  • Green living
  • Nutrient-dense diets
  • Experimenting with fashion/art
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Instagram!

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