The Best Feminine Dresses to Wear This Winter

You’ll know from my previous blog post that I absolutely cannot wait for summer to come around again! But when it comes to Winter, we all think thick jumpers and big coats. But I am still a Summer baby at heart and I can’t let go of my pinks and florals, even in the cold weather!

Bring on Off-Duty Style’s range of skater dresses, all designed and made in the UK. The material and craftsmanship are such high quality. This is definitely not just a high street piece. You can tell this dress is made to last. They are made of a thick, stretchy material that flatters your curves, yet still thick enough to keep you warm. It even has long sleeves to keep your arms warm too!

I love the pink floral design as obviously pink is my favourite. But Off-Duty Style also has so many different colours and designs to choose from.

Just throw on some thick wool tights, a fur bolero or warm coat and you’re all set! Let me know which designs are your personal favourites!


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